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In case you still aren’t convinced, though, here are five more reasons to do good things for yourself. And that, by the way, is really what self-care comes down to – doing good things for yourself. That doesn’t sound so awful, does it?

1. Do it for your family. Taking care of yourself will help ensure that you’re around longer for your loved ones, and also that the quality of your presence with them will be at its highest. You might believe you’re going to be here for another 75 years regardless of how you treat yourself, but chances are your family would like you not just alive, but also calm, clear, and available to them. Self-care will make a difference.

2. Do it for your work. If you feel like your work is important, then you must understand that the time you have to make a difference will likely be prolonged by treating yourself well. Meanwhile, you’ll do better work if you’re well maintained, while having healthy skin with HydraLyft, and there won’t be any subconscious resentment toward your job if you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing your health for it. Even if you just see your job as a means to a paycheck, that’s all the more reason to maximize what you get out of the time you spend doing it. If you ensure that you’re performing at your peak, you’ll be efficient at getting your work done and will probably receive more raises as a result.

3. Do it for your leisure. Whether or not your job merits showing up at your best (and I’d argue that even if you’re a garbage collector, there’s still value in doing your best – plus the self-care that makes it possible), I’m sure you’d like to experience peak enjoyment in the fun parts of life. When fatigue, stress, and other health problems infringe on our play time, that’s when we can really get despondent – or motivated to change things. But rather than letting it come to that, why not do everything reasonable to stay healthy and have as much fun as possible?

4. Do it for the world. The world needs loving, positive, free thinking people like you. There are numerous ways in which we could make Earth an even better place, and it takes people who are passionate about these changes to bring them about. What do you want to see improve? Better access to education for women in the developing world? Gay rights? Preservation of endangered species? Renewable energy sources? Availability of clean water? Stay alive and healthy, and contribute to the planet that birthed you and supports you.

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