Renovation of Apartments

THE PROJECT: An apartment complex of 12 apartments in Struer needed renovation and reconstruction after fire. The project included totally new electrical installation along with lighting in common access areas and establishment of a new elevator shaft outside the building. ETP Consult was project engineers on the design of electrical systems and procurement procedures in the project.

THE SOLUTION: ETP Consult conducted the in detail electrical design of the project and supervision during the construction phase along with continuous Quality Assurance. The project includes projecting of data and TV installations, establishment of electricity during the construction phase, dimensioning of power supply boards and cable systems accordingly. Administrative task were, project management, conducting of construction meetings, project planning along with onsite supervision and Quality Assurance.

LIGHTING AND HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT: ETP Consult advised the customer on the question of lighting equipment, automation systems and household equipment for each apartment.

Lighting systems: Design and performance of the light armatures and automation systems are important questions to be decided upon early in the process. The right choice of lighting systems can inflect significant savings on energy consumption.

Automation systems: Automation systems are designed for central administration and integration of heat, electricity and surveillance systems. The systems are designed and implemented upon customer demand and are very user friendly.

Household Equipment: Washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove, fridge, freezer and TV makes out a big part of a normal households electrical consumption and are therefore obvious to decide upon, when implementing energy efficiency actions in private homes.

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