HISTORY: ETP Consult was established in Denmark in 2005. The Company has specialists in electrical engineering. The Company has since 2005 developed steadily, and ETP Consult now has its HQ in Denmark and braches on the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

EXPERTISE: The provision of impartial advice on matters of electrical engineering, with the customer at the centre. This is the principle on which ETP Consult works. We have many years of experience in analysing and planning electric power systems and extending the transmission and distribution grid within high, medium and lower voltages. ETP consult has experience in programming protective relays and collecting key data by remote terminal units for presenting a user-friendly graphical interface via the SCADA system for central and in-house service and maintenance.

EXPERIENCE: We provide advice on electrical engineering for power generation companies such as Nukissiorfitt in Greenland. We have worked with pilot studies, sketch plans, project planning, monitoring and management. Our experience ranges from projects with manufacturing companies, to managing power grids for entire cities such as Nuuk in Greenland. ETP Consult’s expertise and experience have been built up during many years of work in the electricity transmission and distribution industry. ETP Consult’s clients include private companies, hospitals, institutions, housing associations, power supply companies and public authorities.

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