Smart grids

Smart grids are the route to developing an electricity system which can create a flexible and intelligent consumption with the components required for effective integration of more wind-generated power, more systems for generation at household level, electric heat pumps and electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Smart grids are seen in Denmark as an important means to achieve the international climate goals by increasing the proportion of wind power in Denmark’s electricity production. Ways of doing this include using wind power in the transport and heating sectors. Flexible electricity consumption for electric cars, heat pumps and in district heating systems can ensure that we take the most economical route possible.

With automatic changing over in the electricity network, operators of the network will be able to ensure that the smallest possible number of their customers are affected by faults in the network.

Large quantities of wind power and micro-production such as solar cells and household wind turbines offer special challenges to operators of the electricity network. Care must, for example, be taken to ensure compliance with load limits and requirements concerning voltage quality. For the person responsible for the system, this means ensuring general stability in the system.

A future with smart grids means increased measuring, communication and remote-controlled coupling equipment in the grid, and also electricity consumption control systems in the home and, at a more general level, equipment to control the system’s general stability.

ETP Consult can provide guidance and advice for all types of grids from 0.4 to 150 kV – and smart metering.

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