ETP Consult plans network installations with Power Line Communication, PDS and fibre technology.

PLC (Power Line Communication) – communication through power cables

The basic technology has been in use since signals were controlled via power cables on the American railways in the 1920s. The technology of this period required a huge amount of hardware, but today’s PLC technology is chip-based, and with the rise of the internet, it has made enormous progress.

But the PLC data traffic still proceeds via the electricity grid as it always has.

PDS ( Premises Distribution System)

PDS networks, now used by most companies, are structured cable systems for the distribution of data, telephony, video monitoring, building management and more.

The PDS network’s great strength is the high transmission speed and stability of a symmetrical bandwidth, and a high level of flexibility.

Fibre technology

The fibre technology ensures a symmetrical bandwidth, which in turn makes it possible to send and receive data at the same high speed. This is particularly important for companies which regularly exchange large quantities of data with the world at large. Minimisation of network problems for these companies is critical for operating reliability, so fibre technology is an obvious choice.

Fibre networks are faster than other networks, and they are not affected by electromagnetic fields, e.g. from power cables. Not even lightning strikes can disable a fibre network.

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