Submission of documentation for major electricity project in Greenland.

Customer: Nukissiorfiit, the Greenlandic energy company.

Project: Documentation Assignment of the main stations NTR60, NHV10 and TUA60/10.

The documentation includes following:

  • SA and SB descriptions including appendices
  • Cable lists and references
  • CAD drawings
  • Interlock overview
  • Relay settings for protection relays
  • RTU board drawings and programming
  • TCP / IP design and setup
  • 10kV substation documentation
  • 60kV substation documentation
  • Change of 132/10 to 132/60kV transformer
  • UPS documentation
  • Other relevant documentation
  • Wiring diagrams and general plans
  • External supplier documentation

The entire documentation was sent to Nukissiorfiit’s headquarter in Nuuk at Christmas 2012.


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