ETP Consult can provide a total consultancy service from the preliminary analysis to implementation of the specific project. The costumer is always in focus.

Highlighted Cases

Semco Maritime

ETP Consult A/S have worked for SemcoMaritime making project with protection for HV-GIS 155 og 225 kV, MV-GIS 33 kV and protection for Transformer etc. on substations to windparks. And made I/O lists and communikation for two substation platforms, regarding…


Replacement of several old Remote Terminal Units to a new ABB 560 RTU, in 60/10 kV substations in Jylland.

Nukissiorfiit Nuuk

THE PROJECT: The energy company Nukissiorfiit in Greenland, which provides electric power, clean drinking water and heat for the houses, needed to renovate its transmission and distribution grid in Nuuk. It was a political decision to further exploit the renewable energy…

Latest News

Commissioning of SCADA substation in the city of Nuuk

The RTU in a transformer substation, designed by ETP consult, was commissioned December 2012 and the implementation was working according to the plan. The communication is over PDS and fiber…

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